Wenig Family Charitable Fund

Technology and Art
in the Service of Justice


The Wenig Family Charitable Fund was founded by Devin and Cindy Wenig to address issues of access and inequality in the United States. We support non-profits that use technology and/or art-based solutions to level the playing field for America’s most vulnerable populations.

Our Mission Criminal Justice Reform

With over 2.2 million Americans incarcerated, high ongoing crime and high recidivism rates, the U.S. criminal justice system needs reform. It has been proven that intelligent rehabilitation can deliver powerful outcomes. We focus on programs that use the creative arts and/or technology to reduce recidivism, and provide hope to the incarcerated and the newly released.

STEM Education

Education provides opportunity and access. One of the most powerful ways to provide historically disadvantaged groups with a fair chance is to ensure relevant, quality education that prepares them for a fast changing world. Today, that means STEM and computer science education. We believe that the United States should have universal basic computer training for all students grades K-12. While most students will not choose to be computer scientists or engineers, every student will benefit from understanding how technology impacts the world we live in.

We Support

To date we have made grants to the following non-profits: Young New Yorkers, Ameelio, University of Michigan Prison Creative Arts Project, GIGO Fund, Upsolve, the Prison Journalism Project, Marin Shakespeare Company, The Forestry and Fire Recruitment Program, Justice Arts Coalition, Code.org and Girls Who Code. We focus on non-profits using technology and/or art in novel ways.